Monday, 22 October 2012

Illustre 2012 Exhibition Opening Night

The event you've all been waiting for Our end of year exhibition.....!!!!
Opening night from 6-9pm on Tues 30th Oct.....

Illustre 2012 is the 17th graduate exhibition of the Diploma of Illustration students from NMIT.
Students will be showcasing some of their best works from the 2 year course in media spanning from digital design, printmaking and painting through to animation, 3D illustration and many forms of traditional rendering.

Here is your chance to support emerging talent in the field of Illustration and meet with the people behind the pictures.

The opening night event on October 30th will have awards and presentations, some nibbles for you to enjoy and a full bar service at the venue.

The exhibition runs from Oct 30th – Nov 18th at Chapel off Chapel in Prahran, a fitting establishment dedicated to the creative arts.


12 Little Chapel St
Prahran, Melbourne
Victoria, 3181

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Joshua Fradley

The Collector

What could happen

Joshua Fradley

Joshua is an illustrator and artist based in Melbourne, Australia producing work, which explores elements of visual, graphic and cartoon art. He has a background in character design and conceptual art that he developed through a love of animation, film and graphic novels.   

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Monique Stute

Photographed by
Luc Viatour (CC BY-SA 3.0).


Monique Stute

I began my artistic career by creating intricate black and white patterns done with ink on paper, which was inspired by my Kandinsky loving aunty. I have since discovered a love for charcoal, graphite and oil paints. Nothing beats smudging and blending

Monday, 1 October 2012

End of year Exhibition Fundraiser! LIVE MUSIC!

The month of October will bring with it our second and final fundraiser for Illustre 2012!
We are holding a band night at the Blue Tile lounge in Fiztroy. The acts are an awesome mix of hip hop, folk and indie....

Mud Crab Crew
Matt Kelly
Peny Bohan &
Adam Roche

We will also be screening visuals/animations and selling our own illustrated greeting cards and merch....

Entry price $5.

Come along and bring your friends!!!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Fundraising NIght Art Auction

The students of NMIT's Diploma of Illustration are holding a fund-raising exhibition for their end of year show, Illustre 2012. The exhibition will be held at SJS Gallery in Fitzroy and all the works will be auctioned off during the night. Come along with your friends to place a bid and see if you can score some original artwork by some of Melbourne's up and coming artists and illustrators.

The location and times are:

SJS Gallery
120 Alexander
Fitzroy, 3065

6-8 pm

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Dylan Leslie


Dylan Leslie is a freelance illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. Born in Perth and raised on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, he graduated high school in 2008 with his VCE focus on studio art and visual design and immediately pursued his Diploma of Illustration at NMIT.
Dylan employs heavily detailed, ink based line work with a somber digital colour finish to achieve his contemporary editorial styled pieces.
Inspired by old comics, late night B-movies and much of the outré that finds its way through his internet browser, Dylan’s coffee fueled all nights aim to produce eye-catching, interesting and impressive illustrations.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Katerina Zmejkoska

  grumpy turkey
between love and madness lies obsession

Katerina Zmejkoska

I am an emerging artist/ illustrator/designer based in Melbourne. I am inspired by nature, culture and religion, constructing strong and meaningful pieces of work. Constant flow of organic lines can be seen throughout my work. Very often I use vibrant and contrasting colours or very light washes of colour. My work is usually stylised yet realistic. I often exaggerate parts of what I am drawing.

Thursday, 23 August 2012




Next week at TAFE we will be going from class to class selling some very beautiful and unique greeting cards to fundraise for Illustre.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jack Rogerson

Astronaut Dude

Oh Ship

Little Witch


Jack is a Melbourne based illustrator who likes to draw children’s book art, cartoons and other cool things (like dinosaurs and trains). He would like to one day write and illustrate a few children’s books, but is also open to advertising, editorials and other book art. His favourite mediums are watercolours and digital art. He would also like us to mention that he really likes to collect awesome hats.

Angus Nuttall

 Boss Cat Comic

The Lion King

Blue Lion


Angus was born in 1992 in Darwin and is now based in Melbourne.
Currently completing a Diploma in Illustration at NMIT, Angus plans to pursue his studies
Angus is a contemporary fantasy artist that works with digital and traditional mediums.
With a preference for the simplicity and boldness of black and white line drawings, his images suggest concepts of war, power and supernatural themes.
Inspired by comics, manga, movies, anime, video games and various sources of fan-art across the Internet, preferred mediums include grey lead, coloured pencil.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cassandra King

 Wurthering Heights Book Cover

 Inglourious Basterds Brad Pitt

Patti Sketch


I am a mixed media artist currently studying Illustration at NMIT.
I have always liked to use a variety of mediums within my work and I find inspiration in trying new and sometimes unconventional mediums
 while still keeping my work in a 2d format. The subject matter of my work is influenced by my surroundings. I am passionate about travelling and
I often find myself in different places. This change of scenery forces me to notice things that may seem part of the everyday to others.
The compositions in my work change between figurative works, landscapes and cityscapes but the works all share an expressive style.
 I like to make work that isn’t too literal so it can still be open to interpretation by the viewer.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Damian Mah

Raging Aunty

Raging Mona

Vintage Aunty


Damian Mah enjoys working with oil & acrylic paint, charcoal, pencil & digital things like Zbrush and Photoshop. He enjoys finding humour in art. He inherited a wealth of comics as a youngster, including many old horror comics such as eerie and creepy. This has, in some respects, informed (or perhaps retarded) his style as there is often dark elements to his work. There is some confusion regarding the spelling of Damian's last name which can be possibly traced back to an admin error during world war 2.

Kate Kingsmill

Up, Up and Away

The Archandroid

A New Cameo


Kate is an illustrator with a playful, stylized approach to her work. She grew up drawing and writing at odd hours of the day and night, and is happy to be still doing it. She lives and works in Melbourne which she finds a constantly inspiring place to be. Informed by craft, writing, music, travel, street art and contemporary children's book illustration, Kate loves drawing and works in a variety of mediums, including pen and ink, watercolour, acrylic and digital.  Her work incorporates quirky characters and bold colours that hark back to childhood.

Obi Haldane

 dragooboy colour

girl + lurker


Obi is a hard working illustrator and crochet fancier who fancies himself capable of capturing life's special moments in a palpably visceral display of quaint uniqueness. 

Robin Taylor






My name is Robin Taylor, I'm a freelance Graphic Designer/illustrator living and working in Melbourne with a focus on Comic Book art.

Ever since I was eight years old, I've dreamed of becoming a great illustrator. It's my passion. I don't care where I have to go or what I have to do become a successful artist.
My artwork is comic and fantasy based; it consists of powerful bold lines and stark bright colours.

My greatest accomplishment in art come in March 2011 when an illustration of mine featured in a novel named Quest Of The Damon by M L Sawyer.

Dee Anand

Self Directed Project, Face One, 2011

Silk Screen Print, Lotus Mandala, 2011

Bjork Portrait, 2011


Dee Anand is an artist and illustrator hailing from Melbourne, Australia where she spends her time creating images that reflect her fascination with the exploration of pattern, colour, texture, mood and, of course, people. Dee works with many mediums, although she is constantly drawn back to the use of wet media where she can let the paint make some of the decisions, embracing any ‘mistakes’ that might happen along the way.

Danyera Wambeek

Ellen Page Portrait

Gauche Painting-Colour Theory


Danyera Wambeek is a Melbourne-based traditional/digital artist, her drawing style can range from cartoony to realistic.
She usually draws from life or does fantasy-themed concept artworks inspired by games, films or books. Her main mediums consist of pencil, gauche and digital programs
such as Photoshop. From here her goals are to work as a professional Illustrator within the art industry to produce concept artworks and designs.

Bonnie Bourke