Monday, 13 August 2012

Hinako Ueki

Take me there. 2011

Alice with a white rabbit head 2011

3D model of Alice with a white rabbit head 2012

 would you marry me? 2012
watercolour, digital

My little Utopia♥ 2012
hand draw, ink, digital


Hinako Ueki is a freelance designer/ illustrator currently living in Melbourne.

She was born in Japan in 1991. She moved to Melbourne in 2009 and went to Collingwood college for 2 years under taking all art subjects that they had and now she is currently studying Diploma of illustration at NMIT.

Alice in Wonderland is the biggest inspiration that she has ever had.
Her illustration is most likely based on the theme of Alice and white rabbit and she always draws a little girl with rabbit head. It has always a bit of creepiness and cuteness. She recently starts developing her new characters that are all plushie looking.

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